Australia is famous for its friendly culture, the renowned Great Barrier Reef, nature parks, hot temperature and its countryside. It’s among the most densely populated nations on earth and there might be no better place than right here to purchase a property. Cities across the country have struck cheap rates and are currently seeing positive growth concerning tourism and infrastructure, meaning these deals are about to become a lot more costly in the upcoming year. In case you’ve ever wanted to get another house or just invest, these five locations are among the most ideal to purchase property in Australia.

1. Brisbane

If you’re interested in purchasing new property in Australia, the city of Brisbane has been labelled as the place to do so. One reason is since Sydney and Melbourne are very densely populated. While in recent years tourism has been slow in Brisbane, it is predicted that these trends are about to rise, particularly with the predicted boom in Chinese tourists.

The increase in Chinese vacationers, aided by the falling Australian dollar will attract more tourism employees to the area, who’ll need someplace to live, thus making it a fantastic area to reside. There are excellent beaches in the area. If you want to get the most out of your money, consider selling DIY through a private real estate listing online.

2. Cairns

This northern town with its tropical climate is a hot spot for overseas tourists and happens to be among the greatest cities to purchase property in. Chinese tourism is going to play a significant role in making this town much more popular as its airport is at the peak of Australia, closest to China. Cairns also appears to be the primary starting point for visitors due to the fantastic Great Barrier Reef. This generates a great deal of demand for accommodation and property investment.

Since this town hasn’t seen a great deal of development over the past decade, rental properties are at an all-time high. If you’re wanting to purchase a second house on your own, as a retirement residence or as an investment property, this is the ideal spot to do. Inspired by world-class golf classes, abandoned beaches and some of the friendliest folks in the nation; there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in Cairns. Be sure to look through online property sales to see what is available.

3. Bribie Island

If you’re looking to spend your days playing golf, relaxing on the shore and being surrounded by the magnificent national park; Bribie Island is the best place to purchase property. Bribie Island is the smallest and much more northerly of three big sand islands forming the shore that lands the northern portion of Moreton Bay in Queensland. With the average age of inhabitants being 55 years old, it’s possibly the ideal retirement destination.

It’s somewhat off the tourist radar, and that signifies a fantastic community of locals and sufficient comforts – plenty of activities to keep everybody happy. An individual could live in a golf course estate here, complete with a 3-bedroom home, dock your boat in a marina berth, and a double auto garage for under $400,000. This is an excellent price for a piece of paradise.

4. Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is characterised by 57 km of magnificent coastline bordered by lush hinterland, and investing in property is exactly what you ought to do in regards to the Gold Coast. A higher rate of population growth along with low land costs means there are some fantastic buying opportunities at the moment. Look into real estate here and use a capital growth calculator. You might discover some fantastic returns.

Whether you’re buying an investment property or purchasing a house of your own to live in, now is the time. The property market has begun to fall from its peak, increasing the affordability. Experts are advocating that buyers look for homes that are near transportation, water and facilities. There is a surge in jobs within the healthcare system here, and with the works around the Gold Coast Light Rail, there is a boom in infrastructure work. Once the light rail work is complete, access to public transport will give you a choice in how you wish to explore.

5. Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is regarded as the most promising area to invest in property. As a result of infrastructure spending and enhanced affordability, this town is paving its way to a prosperous future for taxpayers and future generations.

This tourism centre attracts more than 3 million visitors annually with its beautiful beaches, national parks and attractions such as Sea Life Sunshine Coast and the iconic Australia Zoo. Purchasing an investment property here is a smart decision because the improvement in infrastructure and tourism will drive the value up. Living here will be a paradise every day. Speak with an investment property agent to develop an achievable and successful property investment plan.