When buying a table, there are certain constraints that you need to pay attention to, like the size of the room you will put it in, how much can you afford to spend on it or what type suits you the best and your room the best. Manufacturing specifications and warranty are a secondary part of the process, once you know what you are in for.

Pool tables

A lot of people assume that having a pool table is only for playing the game, but they could not be more wrong. A pool table contributes a lot to improve the aesthetics of the place it is kept in. There are plenty of sizes available for a pool table, the ones for kids have a plastic structure and are smaller, whereas the professional ones are heavy and are often finished with food. According to the World Pool – Billiard Association, the two standard sizes of a pool table are, 9 * 4.5 ft and 8 * 4 ft models. But more often you will find tables that are designed differently, to make the length almost as twice as the width.

As far as the cost is concerned, pool tables are available for as low as a few hundred dollars and professional ones can fetch you $10,000. The more the price, the better will be the quality of the material. Depending on your intent for the purchase, you will need to make an investment.

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If you buy a pool table which has an ornate finish, it can not only induce a unique fusion of sporty feel at your home, but also provide you the respite needed by calling your family for a game. A standard pool table has 6 packets, with 4 at each of the corners and the other two placed opposite each other along the length; they are called mid – pockets. The walls are fit with cushions which ensure the rebound of the balls upon collision, thereby causing a lesser loss of kinetic energy. The cloth by which the bed is made is typically green, and the way the ball moves over it depends on the material of the cloth used.

If you are buying a pool table to improve your home aesthetics, then you need to even buy the right finishing material. The best way to take care is by applying lemon oil with a soft cloth in order to protect the lacquer and hard finishes. It is better to avoid products containing silicone to clean the table. You will also need to purchase pool balls and cues.

Ping pong tables

Ping Pong tables are other forms of furniture you can buy if you want to induce a club – like feel to your home. For that, first you need to decide if you would like to have an indoor table or outdoor one. The outdoor tables are mostly thinner than the indoor ones, and they are made of aluminium to make them stand sturdily when placed outside.

If you are doing it for the club effect, then during gatherings, it is the best way to engage with your guests. Or if you are more of a church person, you can use the ping pong table to enable greater participation for church activities by the youth. Most of the ping pong tables also have wheels which can be folded and when not in use, can be stacked away in a much compact space.

A typical high-quality ping pong table will have a top that is created with wood and the thickness around it will be nearly 1 inch. The price ranges of the ping pong table are similar to the pool tables, with the cheaper ones costing around a few hundred dollars, whereas the professional ones, shooting up to more than thousands of bucks.

Note that you will need to maintain the ping pong table effectively because after continual usage, the top surface loses the adhesive quality. The ball in this case will skid more rather than bouncing. You will then need to re-cover the surface, and have it painted. If the situation is worse, you will need to replace the surface altogether.

Both tables are supposed to be kept in a cooler environment to avoid warping of the surface when the playing surface is made from wood. But then, pool has a certain air of stillness to it, mostly due to the slower nature of the fame while ping pong is more about fun.

So, there you have it. The benefits of both a ping pong and pool table. These are two things that not only can be great fun for you and your partner, but for your kids too! Giving them the ability to develop these hobbies will sure make your life a hell of a lot easier. No more will you be worrying about what your children will be doing in their spare time, neither will someone who you’ve gotten to look after your kids like a casual nanny or even a live in nanny. Your family will spend hours on these tables, building memories and having fun!